Q :Where is Dianne's Doggy Farmstay boarding kennels situated?

A: In Springfield, which is the road on the right just before the Oakleigh Service Station, heading South from Whangarei.

Q: How long does the drive take from CBD Whangarei to Dianne's Doggy Farmstay?

A: 20 minutes

Q: How many Km's from Whangarei to Dianne's Doggy Farmstay ?

A: 19 km approx

Q: What does it cost to have my dog board at Dianne's Doggy Farmstay?

A: Please phone Dianne on 09.4322077 to obtain our prices.

Q: Who supplies the dogs food during it's stay at Dianne's Doggy Farmstay?

A: The owner provides their dog's food to last the duruation of the dogs stay.

Q: How does Dianne's Doggy Farmstay know how much to feed my dog?

A: You must instruct Dianne on what to feed and how often upon drop off of your dog.

Q: Where will my dog sleep?

A: We have a large number of different dog beds and couches, both inside and outside.

Q: Who will be supervising my dog?

A: There will always be someone at home with your dog...

Q: What happens if my dog becomes unwell while boarding at Dianne's Doggy Farmstay?

A: We will contact you immediately to report any problems, and together decide on the best treatment.

Q: What if my dog needs to be seen by a Vet?

A: We can arrange to transport your dog to YOUR named Vet, at your cost, including milage.