Boarding Agreement



  • The Proprietors and staff of Dianne’s Doggy Farmstay boarding kennels undertake to treat all dogs with the utmost care and respect, and we are committed to the health, welfare, well-being and happiness of our guests.
  • My dog(s) is/are fully vaccinated, recently wormed and given flea treatments.
  • I have provided all information concerning special problems or behaviour of my dog(s) and their special diets, allergies or medications that may pose a risk to my dog(s) or others.
  • In the event that my dog(s) is observed to be unwell, or becomes injured, if I am unable to be contacted, I give the Proprietors and their employee’s authority to seek and respond to, AT MY EXPENSE, any and all veterinary attention deemed necessary, including transport costs.
  • I agree not to board my female dog(s) while “in season” without prior discussion and agreement from staff at Dianne’s Doggy Farmstay.
  • I agree to pay 100% for the total booked period, prior to my dog’s arrival at Dianne’s Doggy Farmstay, or immediately upon arrival.
  • I agree to provide my dog(s) food for the booked stay, with diet instructions at time of drop off.
  • I agree to inform the staff at Dianne’s Doggy Farmstays immediately of any circumstances where my dog(s) require extra day(s) boarding. I also agree to pay for any extra day(s) boarding on pickup.
  • I agree that if for any unforeseen circumstances requiring my early pickup of my dog(s), there will be no refund.


  • Declaration: I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of my dog’s boarding at Diannes Doggy Farmstay.


Signed by dog owner:                                                                       Dated:


Pet Boarding agreement in WORD format :DIANNES_DOGGY_FARMSTAY_agreement.docx

Pet Boarding agreement in PDF format : DIANNES_DOGGY_FARMSTAY_agreement.pdf